31 July - 01 August, 2018 | Rydges Sydney Central , Sydney, Australia
Speaker Information:

Mikel Alonso

Global Service Leader Rail

11:40 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: Exploring Strategies to Prevent Metro Rail Projects from exceeding time and budget restraints through effective stakeholder engagement.

$40 billion is being invested into underground metro rail projects around Australia. However we still see escalations of time and cost for these projects. An effective strategy to ensure the timely delivery of the project is to maintain a high standard of stakeholder communication. In this panel discussion, you will hear leading experts discuss:

  • Analysing key reasons these projects go over time and budget
  • Strategies to ensure project deadlines are met
  • The best approaches to collaborating with stakeholders to achieve long term business objectives and passenger growth

2:10 PM PANEL DISCUSSION: Achieving Overground and Underground Station Integration through Design and Intermodal Connectivity

Underground stations are about to change the way Australia travels, however how they can work together with existing networks to achieve seamless station integration to cope with the increased demand for public transport. In this panel discussion you will hear experts discuss:

  • Strategies to integrate underground rail construction with existing structures Strategies for development above these stations
  • How can underground stations minimise disruption to existing overground structures and the community

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